A downloadable interactive movie game for Windows

An invitation from a stranger... 

There's something evil in this house... 

Will you survive?

The Alchemist's House is a 3D interactive horror movie in a creepy medieval setting.

Playtime is around 30 minutes to 1 hour.




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i tried everything but i still can't put the plank in the fire, i did use both 1 keys but it just tells me the fire is too weak. any ideas why and how to fix it

 Have you tried press 1 key and than click the fire place? I'm sorry that happened to you.

no way this is free

I'm honored <3 Thank you :)

This game made me laugh and gave me some spooks but I adored the original style even if I poked fun. It's not often I run into creators who don't recycle assets. This was a lovely little play. Kudos!! 

Hey I'm very happy that you had a lot of fun !!! Thank you so much for creating the video of this game:) 

I think the game has insane promise. It has the right horror vibes. With some polish to the animations, camera work, and additional levels, this could get even better!

Would love to see it pushed even further.


Hey I'm very glad to hear that !! I really like your gameplay video!! Thank you so much :)

I had fun playing this game.

Hey sorry about late reply !! I'm very glad that you enjoyed this game :) Thank you !



Could Anyone Help me?! 

I'm stuck the wood doesn't wanna go in the freking fire. Tried everything i could. stuck at that stupid moment. Can't go further.So if anyone could help me it would be great cause it's doing my head in.. 

Can you try hitting 1 and click the fire at the living room not in the kitchen?

Gameplay PL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sta-VlmP3TU&t=68s Enjoy! :D

hi Rawuuu thanks for playing :)

This game was awesome! I'm really excited to see what else you have in store for the future!

Hi Boundlegacy! I'm glad that you played my game!!!! So cool :) I'll keep watching your video ! thanks :)

This game was very fun to play and veryyy creepy 100/100

That's such high grade :) Thank you :) You made my day :)


Really enjoyed how this turned out. Your designs were effectively creepy and I couldn't sleep that night haha.

Hope you enjoy the video

Heyyy I really like your video! Thanks for playing :)

I've got to say : This game was very fun to play and i really recommended you play it. ( or at-least watch my video of it ;) hehe )

Oh yeah and GO WITH YOUR GUT! 

I think i had both the GOOD and BAD ENDING!?

Check my video here : 

ps. I loved the design of the dolls! 


LetsplaywithPerry on youtube.


Hello Perry! I'm very happy to hear that :) I love the title!!!! Thanks for playing :3

Hi there Angry Bunny,Thank you for your kind words!! And ofcourse thank you for creating this game!! :D

Btw. Do you have any plans on creating another game in the future? :D


Of course !!! Definitely :) This is my first game I created and I'm planning to make dating sims game :) (Something bright haha) I think people will be very confused XD

Oh damn that's a whole different genre :P  Well that might be a good idea to be honest, just to explore the many different genres that are out there.  :D


Thanks :) I'll let you know when I make it !^^

This was amazing! Hands-down the absolute best indie horror game I've ever played... Lisa Subin Kim, thank you so much for developing and distributing this masterpiece! Was an absolute pleasure and an honor playing....

This is my playthrough, if anybody is interested:

Heyyy I just watched the whole video!!! I'm SUPER glad that you liked it!!!! As a developer it is very supportive and I am hoping to make better games in the future!! (This is my first videogame I made and I'm very happy!) You really made my day :3 Thank you so much  !

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It's your first game?!?!?! My hat is off to you, ma'am.... I'm definitely keeping my eye out for your future work! Thank you for watching my video, I had a lot of fun playing!

PS: This should not be free... It should at least be 'pay what you want' ... 

That's so sweet! Hopefully I'll be super successful someday ! :) I'll be keep watching on your videos as well!!!! :) Thank you again :)


I am a big fan of your game and would like to upload gameplay content to my YouTube channel. Would this be permissable??

I am keen to upload clips of the game as I am playing them and maintain a gaming channel on YouTube. The clips may span the entirety of the game.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you. :)

Hello Yugam :) I’m glad that you like my game <3 and absolutely you can make any video with my game!! Honestly it is biggest honor to me ! Thank you so much and plz let me know when you upload the video :) Merry Christmas :)

Thank you so much! Merry Christmas! :)

I was actually surprised how good this game were! One of the best free game I've played tbh, so really well done!

Thank you for sharing this game with us! 

One question: When will this be available on steam? :) 

Hi!! Thanks for your playing :) I really appreciate it <3 On Steam the planned release date is at December 24 ! Pretty soon :) 

Thank you :) 

** It is released now!!!! Have wonderful Christmas <3 

Awesome, told a few people about your game :) Merry Christmas buddy! 


I did enjoy your game

Hi ConfusedStreamer! I’m super glad that you enjoyed my game <3 Thank you so much <3

Coooool. High quality texture and creatures! The -**spoiler?**- is so cute and creepy. Looking forward to the sequel(or maybe prequel)

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Hahaha thanks for thoughtful choice of word! I intentionally didn't show that **spoiler** part !!! I'm happy that you enjoyed it :3 Thanks!!

I think this is the creepiest game of 2019.


That's the greatest compliment <3 This is my first video game and it means a lot to me :3 I really liked your video thank you <3 

You earnt it dude, this was an increadibly creepy game.

Hi, I played your game as part of a 3 random horror games video (second game), and I did really enjoy it!

I've got to say it was a tiny bit bizarre every now and then, not really in a bad way, I think it's quirkiness was quite charming and added some fun to the experience!

You definitely have a lot of great ideas in here and I'll keep an eye out for your other work!

Here's my video for anyone interested: 

Hello! I really liked your video :3 Thank you or playing <3

I genuinley enjoyed this game, loved the aesthetics of it and the horror aspect was fantastic


Hi thank you for playing my game <3 Your kind words made me so happy :3

Keep up the amazing work :)

hey Angry bunny i started playing the game but got already stuck at the moment where i have to put the wood in the fire , its seems that the controls dont seem to work

in the tutorial it said to use 1 / 2 / 3 left click

but i don't really understand

it just doesn't seem to work

and i would really want to play this game because it looks kinda fun to play from the beginning

Hi the searching!! you need to press the number until the wood is red and then try it in the fire not next to the man! Thank you for keeping trying to play my game :)

okay thanks ill try that later on tonight

This was great! The game is very well made and the story unfolds very nicely. Great character design, very creepy indeed! Here's my playthrough: 

Thank you so much for playing :) I’m very glad

That was a wild and weird ride! :D Thank you for the game, here's my playthrough (Polish language)

Ooooo Thank you so much <3 I have Polish friend and I'll ask her to watch together <3 (I love Poland!!!!!)

Super cool! Cheers! :)


Not the best Horror Game I have played, but certainly did enjoy the game. The graphics were a bit limited and adequate, story was actually pretty good had a pretty great moral, that man was hella creepy not gonna lie  overall nice game you got here, you just have to improve on some elements for your future games.


Thank you for your playing and reply! It is really helpful and nice :) Thanks

No problem, keep up the great work!


Gave it a play, was pretty entertaining, I hope you enjoy my take on it >:3

I loved watching your playing I am really excited!!!Thank you :)

such a creep

Hey :) Thank you so much again <3 

Damn, that guy was seriously creepy. Had to laugh when the doll was walking, those moves, lol. Some good scary and disturbing moments though, especially the creature down the hall. Really enjoyed it, good work. Hope to see more from you in the future.

Thank you so much for playing :) This means a lot to me <3 


Super Cool Game :) 5/5

Thank you so much for your playing <3 I appreciate it a lot <3 

great creeèy --a .and happy you here

Hi ! Your video was the first video for my game and it really really means a lot to me ! Now my game is on new&popular category! I appreciate you a lot :)

you have big talent … hope continue! never give up ...ready for revolution game :P

Hey there dev and spectators,

This game was not what I expected, and I mean that in a good way. It was pretty damn good, very engaging and I look forward to more of your creations in the future.

Oh and developers, the last 3 minutes of my video are pretty much made just for you.

Have fun spectators . . . .

-L Squared

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I’ll never get sick of watching your play video ! My game is on new&popular category now and I’m super excited! Thank you :)

Hey Angry Bunny!! I know I posted on the gamejolt site but I just HAD to come here and help boost your game to the popular category 

You've earned it spectator.

Man you had me flinch so hard I think I threw something the atmosphere was on point though. my play through here.


I love every single word you use !!! :) it means a lot to me :) thank you so much

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I'm glad thank you for making the game, commenting, and watching means a lot to me as well :D

This was extremely creepy.  I am going to have nightmares.  Great job!

Hi I really enjoyed watching your video!! Thank you for playing my game:)